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Shiraz Pocket Nappy

We introduce our pocket nappy which has an outer layer of lightweight, breathable polyester fabric (with a waterproof backing) and an inner lining of light, soft white microfleece to wick moisture away from baby's skin to keep them feeling dry.  The nappy has soft elastic leg casings with an extra cushioning layer of fleece for comfort and to prevent leaks.  Read more about our materials...

They fasten closed with neat little snaps which are adjustable at the waist and thigh to ensure a great snug fit.  Convenient pocket opening at top back for stuffing absorbent inserts.  Want to know more about the features of our nappy?

Each nappy includes one regular four-layer microfibre insert.  Nappies are available in seven gorgeous colours and three sizes from newborn to older toddler. 

Remember you get the best value by buying at least 6 nappies than purchasing single nappies.  Prices start at $29.50 per nappy for 6 packs .

A classy shade of plum red which can suit a boy or girl.

$ 32.90

Size chart for guidance










1 to 6 mths

4 to 8 kg

33 to 44cm



5 mths+

7 to 13 kg

37 to 48cm



12 mths+

10+ kg

39 to 51cm


 Rise is measurement from top front to top back through the legs

Remember our sizing is only a guide as children vary greatly in size and shape.  For example, we know of a slim little boy who was still in our small size nappies at well over a year old!  This is certainly an exception but please use the chart as guidance only.