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Little Pickles uniquely sized premium cloth stay-dry liners are 100% reusable and boast 2 layers of soft microfleece.  6 in each pack.  Though not an essential there are good reasons why parents use them...

  1. Liners make cleaning up the poos easier and helps the nappy stay cleaner and stain free.
  2. Cloth liners save you money as you can reuse them over and over.
  3. If you've just popped another nappy on and..., yip, out comes the poos just minutes after its on, then often you can just change the liner without having to change the whole nappy. That's one of the reasons why they are generous in size and thickness!
  4. You can use our nappies just like a cover by placing the insert on top of the nappy then laying the liner over the top.  How easy is that!  No stuffing involved and you still have a really trim nappy instead of using a bulky cover system.  (We recommend using the pocket for young babies with runny poos as it helps contain messes better).