Little Pickles
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Reviews and Feedback

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Feedback / Reviews

"I tried a few different nappies to see what I liked and your Little Pickles pocket style ones are definitely a good option.  They are so easy and a great fit (plus we've had no leaks)".

Jeanette, Rotorua


"Your inserts are really thick and absorbent and it's good they come with the nappy".

Cherie, Christchurch


"I was a bit bemused at first with what nappy to use for my 5 month old as there are quite a lot of nappy systems around.  My daughter wets heaps but your nappies do the job very well.  I use two regular inserts during the day for her so I like to be able to alter the absorbency".

Patricia, Wairoa


"I love all the stylish colours too.  My 20 month old daughter loves picking out the colour she's going to wear - and it's ALWAYS hot pink! (I should have bought 12 in that colour!)".

Jo, Whangarei


"Your naps hold in those explosive runny poos (that was a concern before I bought cloth nappies).  They work just as well, if not better than disposables.  I think I'm converted now (and saving money too!)".

Shana-Leigh, Dunedin


"My mum says these nappies are very modern compared to what she used when I was a baby - and I'd agree.  I reckon your ones are trim and trendy; certainly worth recommending".

Marguerite, Wellington


"One of the best things is your nappies are real value for money and also very well designed".

Yo, Auckland


"I can't believe how dry and snug my son stays with the lovely soft microfleece lining".

Briarna, Nelson


"Your elastic is nice and soft and doesn't leave red marks like other nappies.  The casings feel very 'cushiony' (if that's such a word!)".

Vivienne, Greymouth


"I prefer pocket nappies over all-in-ones as they dry so much faster.  Your nappies are on the line and dry in no time.  That's a plus for me as I work 3 days a week and don't have much time for keeping up with washing".

Nadine, Christchurch


"Nappies are often a talking point at our coffee group so I was telling mums last week about yours after one of them spotted the orangey bit of the nappy showing out the top of Ella's leggings.  I told them the brand and how good I had found them so thought I'd let you know!"

Anne, Timaru


"I bought some of your liners and used them as you suggest by laying the liner on top of the insert without using the pocket.  What a simple but great invention!  Perfect for me as sometimes I just don't get time to stuff the nappies before they're needed again!  And this is better than using a cover as covers are bulky and I don't like velcro".

Inke, Kaikoura


"I know everyone has a personal choice but I like sized nappies instead of these OSFA's.    Compared to the OSFA's, that seem to have so much more bulk and are fiddly to fasten, these nappies are such a nice fit".

Georgina, Kaiapoi


"Spread the word - disposables aren't as appealing once you see nappies like yours!  Pity disposables are just too easy for people".

Rachel L, Queenstown


"I was given one of your nappies from my sister-in-law who had too many.  I wish I had used these on my first baby as these are one of best I've seen (much better than the towelling naps I had anyway).  I am due with our second in February so might splash out with a decent nappy system."

Phoebe, New Plymouth


"You have a good array of vibrant colours; my favourite is daffodil"

Nikki, Auckland


"I am a stay-at-home Dad so 10 out of 10 for making them real simple to use and wash"

Bruce, Gisborne


"Your nappies are a good fit as my boy is a thin little lad; it's good how they are so adjustable".

Cassandra, Invercargill


"I definitely like microfibre inserts compared to other ones like hemp flats.  I find hemp squashes and compresses too much when wet, then the nappy leaks.  That was one of the reasons why I looked at your nappies for a better option.  I got sick of sopped nappies and wet clothes.  Your nappies rate well for absorbency."

Josie, Auckland


"Your nappies are really good for night-time too - so long as you stuff lots of absorbency in the pocket.  I find they last really well as my 13 month old daughter sleeps at least 12 hours.  Your night-time insert is handy and it holds lots of wees".

Lynley, Tauranga


"High quality; well made.  Would recommend".

Kerry, Auckland

We would love to hear your feedback about our nappies!  Please email your comments to me at or use our online contact form here..  Thanks, Ruth.