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Learn More About Our Materials...

Little Pickles nappies use only quality, innovative materials to keep your baby safe, dry and comfy.  Here's what we use...

The outer...

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The outer shell of each Little Pickles nappy is made from a specialised 100% polyester fabric laminated with a very thin polyurethane film using a high heat industrial process.  This fabric, often referred to as "PUL", creates a soft, slightly stretchy material which is breathable and 100% waterproof.  You can see from the close-up photograph that the fabric has tiny little holes which lets the fabric breathe but does not let moisture through.  It's amazing what they think of these days!

PUL is perfect for nappies and can withstand the test of use over and over again and washing day in and day out.  Our fabric will never crack, wrinkle or fade.  Most importantly our PUL has been carefully selected for its quality and will last the test of time. 


The inner...

Little NappiesThe inner lining of Little Pickles nappies are made from a soft, plush 100% polyester microfleece to cushion your babies bottom, keep it dry and oh so comfy.  This fleece inner draws moisture through to the absorbent insert then acts as a stay-dry layer.  If you haven't used modern day nappies like these you'll be pleasantly surprised how snug and dry baby is.

Microfleece is a lovely feathery soft fabric and so deserving to cup those precious, smooth wee bottoms.  Not only that it also has a gentle stretch going across the nappy so you can easily stuff multiple inserts when required.  Our fleece is milled to provide you with exceptional quality.  Watch for thin, poorer quality fleece that pills a lot and will not last the distance.  Remember nappies work hard so the materials have to too!

Not only do we select fleece for its softness and durability, we also choose it in white so you can see when it's clean.

Our inserts....

Microfibre Nappy
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Our inserts are the essential partner to Little Pickles nappies.  We choose microfibre for our multi-layer inserts because of its outstanding ability to absorb plenty of moisture - as that's what counts!  Apparently microfibre can absorb up to seven times its own weight - that gives you some indication of how good it is.  But that's certainly not the only reason we chose it...

Microfibre is a soft, man-made polyester fibre which absorbs much faster than cotton.  Unlike natural fibres like hemp and bamboo, microfibre acts like a sponge and dries more rapidly too.  It is used and renowned for its exceptional absorption world-wide.



For your information, hemp is also another alternative but we, and many others have found it has disadvantages too.  It gets quite compact and heavy once wet, needs multiple washes before using to reach a good absorbency level, and can be smelly too.  Hemp dries rather stiff also.


Experience also tells us that bamboo, although has good absorption properties too, has a very long drying time which can be a nuisance.  We found a bamboo flat (which folds into three) took longer than a whole day to dry.  So these are reasons why we choose microfibre as it stands out above the rest.  It's light, soft, squishy, popular and most of all very absorbent!