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Frequently Asked Questions

How many nappies will I need?

This depends on the age of the baby or toddler and how often you wash.  Younger babies need very frequent nappy changes.  A newborn baby typically has around 6-8 changes per 24 hours. By the second month this reduces to about 5 or 6.  Once a baby is approx. 6 months old they will go through about 4 to 5 nappies per day.  This number stays reasonably constant from that age upwards till toilet training.

To work out how many nappies you need to buy multiply the number of changes per day by how often you are going to wash, e.g. for a newborn baby and you wash every second day then multiply 8 by 2 = 16 nappies.  Washing each second day works well for many parents as it means you have half the nappies available for use one day and the other half in the wash.  So generally we recommend you buy 16 nappies in the small size and a dozen or so in the bigger sizes.

Should I buy extra inserts?

Each Little Pickles nappy comes with its own insert but you may wish to buy a few extra to have up your sleeve.  We say this as the nappy itself dries in only an hour or so but the inserts need a few hours to dry.  If you wash every second day you rely on half the inserts drying that day so they are ready for use the following day.  If a few are soaking or some don't get fully dry that day you need some in reserve.  We recommend buying at least another 6 or so to start with if you are buying a full set of nappies( 12 or so).  You may not need quite that many if you also buy our special night-time inserts.

Our special night-time XL inserts are bigger and fold in three to give 9 layers of absorbency. 

Will I need to buy all sizes?

Not necessarily.  Children grow at different rates and differ in weight, size and shape.  Some children, in fact many, will only require small and medium sizes before being out of nappies.  But if you need another size then you can purchase our large size.

Is a waterproof cover or overnap necessary with Little Pickles nappies?

No, our nappies have the waterproofing already built into the fabric so you don't need to worry about another layer over the top.

Should I use nappy liners?

This is purely a personal preference although they should be used when you are using nappy creams as they can otherwise leave a build-up on the microfleece lining which can hinder absoprtion.  We recommend using them because of convenience as it makes cleaning up poos a whole lot easier.

Can Little Pickles nappies be used for night-time too?

Absolutely!  Our nappies are definitely suitable for night-time as well as day-time.  You just need to increase the absorbency in the pocket so it will last the night.  Our night-time absorber is perfect for nights as it saves stuffing multiple inserts into the pocket, and if you need more absorbency than that there's still room for another insert too (e.g for very heavy-wetters).

What should I do if my baby develops nappy rash?

Sometimes babies can get a rash because of continued moisture on the skin and this is made worse as the skin is then exposed to urine and then poos too.  The rush of wees for hours on end sometimes upsets those wee bottoms.  Don't stop using cloth nappies but try to give baby as much time as possible without any nappy on and change frequently.  Try using a specialised barrier cream formulated for nappy rash which can be bought at your local chemist or supermarket.  If symptoms persist you may need to visit your doctor.

Should I pre-wash my Little Pickles nappies?

Yes, wash before first using.  It is not necessary to wash inserts before first using because these do not come in direct contact with baby's skin.

What detergent should I use for washing?

A lot of the commonly bought powdered washing detergents available at supermarkets are suitable for washing your nappies, although try to steer clear of those highly fragranced ones, particularly ones for cold water.  Some companies recommend eco washing detergents for good reason, but so long as you choose carefully then other products should work just as well.  For the eco-option try Eco-Store's brand or alternatively a powder such as Persil Sensitive.  Most important is the amount of detergent you use so remember to add only ½ strength to your wash.

Do the colours run from nappies when washed together if I have light and dark colours?

No, we have never experienced any problems with colours running.  If you are really concerned wash them in a cold wash first.