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Size Chart and Fitting


Size chart for guidance



Approx. Ave


Approx. Ave





0 to 6 mths

4 to 8 kg

33 to 44cm



4 mths+

7 to 14 kg

37 to 48cm



18 mths+

13 to 18+kg

39 to 51cm


 Rise is measurement from top front to top back through the legs

Remember our sizing is only a guide as children vary greatly in size and shape.  For example, we know of a slim little boy who was still in our small size nappies at well over a year old!  This is certainly an exception but please use the chart as guidance only.



How to make sure you have the right size nappy:

Little Pickles graduated sizing system means there's a nappy to fit your little one from newborn to older toddler.  Each size of nappy should be a neat, snug fit which generally is easy to see.  Little Pickles nappies have a super-seal leg casing which is soft but seals around baby's legs to prevent leaks.  After the nappy has been on a while don't be concerned about some marks on baby's thigh from the elastic as this is normal.  If there are deep red marks then it is fastened too tight and needs adjusting. 


nappyonbaby3_280If the nappy gapes at the legs when your baby's knees are raised up and the nappy is fastened on the tightest setting then it is too big.  If the nappy is on or close to the loosest setting and the rise is getting very short also, it is probably too small.  If the snaps pop apart when worn, from being pulled tight, this is also a sign the nappy is too small and it's time to size up.


When trying a nappy on your baby for the first time, do so before washing it, always use a liner and have an insert inside.  If you are happy with the sizing that's great.  If you need an exchange for a different size see details about returning items.