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Why Choose Little Pickles Nappies?...

We know there is a lot of choice when it comes to choosing a cloth nappy for your baby.  It can be rather daunting with so many styles and you wonder what  would be best for your baby.  Don't get into a little pickle deciding what to buy!  Above all else we know you want two things in a nappy:  one that FITS well and WORKS well.  Rest assured at Little Pickles we have gone to great lengths beyond that to bring you a quality nappy you will be happy with and can rely on.


Our design shows that we have been extremely fussy about every feature of our nappy to ensure it meets and exceeds your needs.  We give you honest and informative guidance by showing you everything about our nappy just as if you were standing in a shop.  Take a closer look at our features to see why choosing Little Pickles nappies will benefit you and your baby and give you better value for money:


?         Our nappies are a modern pocket design which are easy to stuff.  Pocket nappies are a favourite because they are simple and convenient.  You customise the absorbency with how many inserts you need.  In addition, being able to remove the insert means the outer and the insert dries much faster.  Effectively this means you need less nappies because they dry in a flash and can be ready to use again.  Compare that to "all-in-ones" (whose absorbency layers are built in) which need many hours to dry.  We also have no fiddly envelope or slit design to put inserts; Little Pickles nappies have a back opening at the top so you can simply stuff the insert in then shake it out for washing. 


?      No need to buy a separate overnap or waterproof cover with Little Pickles nappies.    Save the fuss and do without an extra bulky layer and the cost.  Often the cost of a fitted nappy plus a cover is more expensive than a nappy that combines the two.  We offer you an easy and convenient option.


?        We sell inserts WITH our nappy,  Many companies sell nappies with a price tag then tell you "inserts are sold separately".  Often by the time you add the cost of the insert it's a lot more expensive than you think.  We know the nappy is useless without the insert and one is no good without the other.  You can be satisfied we have one price for one complete product! 



?        We have one size of inserts to fit ALL our nappies. This is for 2 reasons:

1)      Big long inserts are wasteful and unnecessary because children will nearly always wet the top part to saturate it virtually completely (in the direct area where they wee), whilst the other end part is often bone dry.  Usually this means by the time the top part is very wet the moisture will wick through the leg edges of the nappy and leak so the nappy needs to be changed before the whole insert is wet through anyway.  No inconvenience either with sorting sizes!


2)      We think of your pocket too....unlike others, we don't expect you to size up on nappies and more inserts when you don't have too.  And because each of our nappies comes with its own insert you don't have to worry anyway!


?         Our thick and thirsty inserts contain four layers of microfibre to sop up lots of moisture.  We bring you a superior level of absorption so you don't have to worry about leaks.  We also offer you inserts which are specially for night-time and smaller booster pads for when you need that bit extra absorbency. 


?         Little Pickles nappies are adjustable at the waist and thigh. We know babies and toddlers vary a lot in size and shape so you can be happy to know that no matter what measurements your bub is, our nappies will give you a custom fit every time.  Watch for nappies with a single snap on the wings as they are less adjustable.  Similarly nappies that fasten with velcro (or 'hook or loop') suffer that same problem as well as the fact they don't last like snap closures.  Also velcro becomes the victim of toddlers picky little fingers who can learn to undo them very quickly!! 


?          Our wings are shorter so they fasten closer to baby's thigh and eliminates all that bunching and bulk through the middle.  Long wings are clumsy and quickly force the two sides of the front of the nappy to droop underneath, especially with active toddlers.  Shorter wings also make the size of the nappy much more adjustable - this is especially useful for smaller or slim babies who need the nappy fastened closed on the tighter settings.  Our uniquely angled front tabs help wrap around baby so the nappy stays in place.  

?         Little Pickles nappies have superior leg elastic casings.  We do not cut corners!  This is one of the most important parts of the nappy so we boast a dual layer of fleece to cushion baby's legs and seal around them to avoid leakage.  This elastic leg casing helps form mini leg gussets too to hold in poos.  You will find our elastic gentle but allows lots of stretch so your baby will be comfortable.  Be wary of companies who advertise "roll-out legs" and claim to eliminate red-marks around the thigh but have more risk of leaks, especially runny poos.


?         Little Pickles nappies have durable snaps which stay strong wash after wash.  These clever little buttons are so easy to snap together and you'll find the positioning of our snaps better as it means you won't have the annoyance of one being too tight and the next one along being too loose.  Our snaps are placed closer together than many other 'snap' nappy styles to ensure you get a great snug fit every time.



?         Little Pickles nappies have a graduated size system so there's a nappy to fit your little one from birth to older toddler.  Fit is a very important consideration to us, so our design means your baby eases into each size.  We think that children, just like adults, need clothes that fit!

We do NOT sell 'one size fits all' as we believe they are usually ill-fitting (because they have so much more bulk to fit not only tiny babies but toddlers also) as well as having other shortcomings... Some can be fiddly to do up with the huge amount of snaps for adjustment.  Some OSFA brands are advertised as a one size meaning to fit a child through to toilet training but are sized smaller and won't do exactly that, so beware.  OSFAs can be a 'false economy' too as the frequent washing over and over means they can wear out much faster and then wouldn't be available for no.2 child.  Another problem with that is if you had two babies in nappies at the same time you would only have one size and one lot of  nappies.  Make an informed choice.

?         You don't even have to stuff our nappy if you purchase our uniquely sized premium stay-dry cloth liners and use the nappy like a cover.    You just place the insert/s on top of the nappy (instead of in the pocket) then lay the liner over the top.  How easy is that!  (We do recommend you use the pocket for young babies with runny poo though as it helps contain the mess).
?         Nappies that are trim fitting are comfortable and offer babies and toddlers lots of leg movement.  Little Pickles nappies are very trim and hug little bodies so they move with your child without drooping or sagging.  These are modern age nappies designed by a kiwi mum for little kiwi cheeks.  Gone are the bulky old flat crispy squares and rattly plastic pants!  Our nappies are as trim as disposables but you get all the benefits of using cloth instead.

?         Little Pickles make nappy days fun and easy.  We have seven gorgeous colours to suit little boys and girls from pastels to happy and vibrant.  Your child will be trendy and stylish and love them as much as you do!  A bonus is most of our colours can be bought for boys or girls so you can have a wider range of shades in your nappy pile! 

?         At Little Pickles we can guarantee your nappies will make washing a breeze!  There are no fancy washing instructions.  So long as you follow a few simple rules about washing and caring for them they will give you durability for years.  We believe in no hassle and no fuss!

?         Our materials have been carefully selected to bring you the ultimate in quality.  We can assure you your nappies will last wash after numerous wash.  Nappies need to work hard because of their frequent use so we use specially sourced waterproof outer fabric from one of the most reputable firms in the U.S.  The durability of our fabric far exceeds many others.  We want you to invest in our nappies so they'll last years and multiple children.  Consider this when comparing brands - a nappy may be washed 450x over 2.5yrs so you need to insist on quality!