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Use and Care Instructions

Read the following information carefully so you know how to use and care for your Little Pickles nappies. Following these instructions will ensure they are reliable, work to their best potential and remain durable. 

How to Use.... Easy as 1,2,3!

Remember to wash the nappy before its first use.

1)     Lay nappy open out flat.

2)     Stuff insert inside pocket so it sits flatly and right to the edge without it bunching.

You can use nappy liners - makes cleaning up the poos easier!  Our microfleece lining generally repels poo so liners are not absolutely essential.  Use a nappy liner if using nappy creams as otherwise they can stain or leave a build-up on the microfleece.  We have premium fleece stay-dry liners available for purchase.

3)     Lay baby onto nappy and fasten on with snaps a form a neat, snug fit.  Do this by pulling each wing across the front with one hand and slide two or three fingers of the other hand down the inside front to help press the snaps together.  Do not pull or pinch the fabric beside a snap to fasten as this places undue strain on the fabric.  Snap both the thigh buttons first then fasten the waist setting.

DO put on a fresh nappy at each change time.


Absorbency Information and Advice

Each Little Pickles nappy is sold with our regular four layer microfibre insert.  Generally these inserts will last about 2-3 hours.  We also have available for purchase two other forms of microfibre absorbency:

1)     A lighter, smaller, three layer booster pad which is ideal for going out when you need that extra protection.

2)     Our special night-time insert which is a large three layer square which folds into three.  This thick and thirsty insert provides nine layers of absorbency and is great for nights as it saves stuffing multiple pads into the nappy.  It's also useful for very heavy-wetters during the day.

How much your child wets and the rate at which they do so will decide how many inserts and/or booster you need and how long to leave the nappy on.  Each child varies with how much absorbency they need so experiment to find what works for you.  Bear in mind too that children can wet more some times of the day or night than others too (e.g if they have been drinking a lot).  Usually a single regular insert and booster pad will provide around 3-4 hours of protection.  

Little Pickles nappies will not leak if you have sufficient absorbency in the pocket and the insert is not bunched up inside.  You may need to increase the absorbency as necessary and/or change the nappy more frequently if you do have leaks.


How to Wash.... It's also as easy as 1,2,3!

Wash prior to first use and after each period of use.

1)     Knock poo into toilet for older babies and toddlers.  Younger babies' nappies may need swishing in water to get all the mess off.

2)     Put used nappies in a dry bucket with a lid awaiting washing.  A good idea is to put a couple of drops of tea tree or lavender oil occasionally in the bottom of the bucket to keep it smelling fresh.

Soak nappies if necessary but only for a short time (a few hours) and rinse well.  Napisan type products are suitable but do not leave nappies soaking for extended periods of time. 

3)     Separate the inserts from the nappies and load machine.  Use ½ strength washing detergent and use a warm or warm to hot wash (55oC).  Never wash above 60oC.  Too much detergent can cause a residue to build up on the fleece which can reduce the nappy's effectiveness.  For very dirty nappies you may want to run a rinse cycle first so the yucky water can be spun out of the machine and then the nappies can be thoroughly cleaned.

Do NOT use clear or natural soap products as they leave an oily film on the microfleece and hinder absoprtion.

Do NOT use bleach or fabric softners.

For extra cleaning, whitening and to keep your nappies fresh we recommend the addition of Napisan Inwash Booster to the wash about once a month or so

And Dry...

nappys quick dryingDrying out in the sun is recommended so line dry where possible as UV rays are the best sanitiser for the nappies.  Dry with the lining facing the sunlight as this helps remove any stains.  You can use a drier on low heat.  Even drying inside on a dull day you will be surprised how quickly the nappies dry.



Problem Solving

If you have found your Little Pickles nappies are leaking (and its not the amount of absorbency at fault), or they smell, then it may mean you have a build-up of detergent on the fleece and the nappy is not absorbing properly.  Bacteria can get trapped in the residue of the detergent left of the fleece which then hinders absorption as the nappies aren't 100% clean.  We recommend the following procedure to combat this problem:

1)     Run a hot wash with no detergent.

2)     Run a cold rinse only, if there are still bubbles appearing in the rinse, run it again.

3)     Line dry.

In future be very mindful of how much detergent you are adding to each wash and take care to avoid any pure soap products (eg lux flakes) or even any delicate fabric washing liquids.  Also refrain from using highly fragranced cold-water detergents too.  Buy eco-branded or unscented detergents where possible.